Sunday, September 9, 2018

2 Ingredient Protein Pudding

Hello, hello, friends! And happy Monday to ya! I've got a super fun, SIMPLE dessert or quick snack recipe to share that peaked a lot of interest when I shared about it on my Instagram stories. Do you follow me on Insta? If not, find me on there and let's be friends! I share my daily shenanigans, workout motivation, random chit chat about any and all the things, what I'm whipping up in my kitchen, what I'm loving, protein pizzas I'm obsessed with, my favorite romper, Daisy's face.. ya know. The really important stuff! #butreally

As y'all know, I love me a protein recipe.. especially when it involves my favorite protein shake. I talked about my love of Premier Protein shakes in my last post-they're just the easiest, yummiest way for me to start my day making a sizable dent in my daily protein goal. But turning said protein shake into a dessert? Count me in! And this "recipe", if you'd even call it that, could not be easier and is so thick and so creamy that it honestly tastes like not only something you'd assume is a treat but also tastes like custard. Or just something really, really freakin' good! Since the first month post-op from surgery, I've kept these Sugar Free Instant JELL-O puddings on hand simply because of the ease of them and they were just so easy to get down. When I make these as regular puddings, I always use my surgeon's favorite milk, Fairlife. The stuff really packs a punch protein-wise and I really enjoyed these puddings early on in my journey as a way to get my protein in and also have some variety in my food. 454 weeks of liquids and pureed food will do that to ya, what can I say? #slightexaggeration 

For this high protein version, I used what I had on hand: Sugar Free Banana Cream Instant JELL-O pudding and an ice cold chocolate Premier Protein shake but I have since used the same instructions with a chocolate Premier Protein and a Sugar Free Chocolate JELL-O pudding and it was amazing, too. With all the different varieties of flavors for both ingredients, the options are endless and I'm getting really excited thinking about how I could turn one of these protein puddings into a Fall treat! I'll keep you updated on that one. But for now.. here's the easiest, quickest recipe you've ever seen!

2 Ingredient Protein Pudding 

1 box sugar free instant JELL-O pudding mix
1 Premier Protein shake, cold (2 cups)

Follow 5 min Pudding Directions on the back of the box
Substitute Premier Protein for the cold milk
Refrigerate for at least an hour


  • I poured the contents of the pudding/protein mix into 4 little bowls and refrigerated them all night. You definitely don't have to do that, but I loved that it made it almost like a custard-like thickness and consistency. 
  • I was really leery around minute 3 of whisking the pudding mixture because it got really thick and kind of chunky. However, since you're using a liquid that has quite a bit more whey (hence the protein!) it's completely normal! So, just keep doing you. Keep whisking and the pudding will set. It will just be thicker than a typical pudding, which my husband and I happened to really like! 
  • Before popping them in the fridge, I placed Saran Wrap over each serving and pressed it over the top of the pudding so as to not form that icky film that can form on top of homemade pudding and it worked perfectly and kept them perfectly fresh for the 3 days it took us to eat the servings. 

So, there ya have it! Literally the most "non-recipe" recipe I may ever post. But after posting the 2 Ingredient Parmesan Eggs recipe and this delicious, perfect Protein Pudding, you should notice a trend: simplicity. Minimal ingredients. And SO many different fun flavors and versions of these very recipes you can come up with based on your mood, occasion, season or even just what you happen to have on hand. I am all about cooking based on what I already have in my kitchen and I'm also the type of cook who likes to let her imagination run wild to whip up something really special and I rarely follow recipes in creating meals for the two of us. If I can offer one piece of advice whether you're three months post-op from weight loss surgery or just someone stuck in a cooking rut, it would be to just stop stressing and have fun in the kitchen. Try different spice combinations, new ingredients and use your imagination a little! Variety really is key and for me on this journey and being on a high protein diet- I need ALL the variety with my protein that I can get. 

Whip these up for dessert or as a healthy afternoon snack for your kiddo and I promise you, you will love it. 

Happy Monday, friends! It's the start of a brand new week and a fresh, blank slate to make some good decisions and start taking care of YOU. Because you, my friend, are beautiful and worth all the effort in the world. Don't you forget that!

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