Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bluebonnets & Bacon is Back!


Hello Hello, friends! It has certainly been a minute since I've posted and a lot of life sure has happened between then and now. A lot of really, really good life. The kind where lately I'm pinching myself on the daily and just so thankful to have made it through the things that led up to my new beginning last November and all the million little beautiful things that have happened since. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I underwent bariatric surgery (RNY Gastric Bypass) last November after a very long season of prayer, hard conversations & realizations, testing and lots and lots of waiting as we didn't know if it would all come to fruition or not. You see little snippets of progress photos and posts where I blubber on about finding good protein options, exciting little grocery hauls, recipes that I make up as I go along or the posts where I share that I'm just really stinkin' grateful for all that this tool has done to help me change my life from the inside out.. because it truly has.

The interesting thing about that little community, at least for me anyway, is that it's connected me with strangers going through similar journeys who have supported me, rooted me on, encouraged me, helped me and vice versa. And all of a sudden, we're not strangers on our phones states or countries away, we're actually friends doing the really hard stuff together. And the really fun, meaningless stuff, too. And that connection, that support and those friendships that I've experienced have time and time again reminded me of my own little corner of the internet that has remained here, quiet and pretty while I re-learned how to live this life. The blogging bug has bitten me again as I've received countless messages from people in my personal life and others who I don't know who are going through similar life journeys and desperately wanting to know more about the ins and outs of life after bariatric surgery and excessive weight loss and ultimately, to have someone they can relate to as they navigate through it all. And let's be serious, y'all also what I'm wearing, what workout leggings are my favorite, how I've kept my hair (mostly) from falling out post-losing over 120 pounds, recipes I'm loving, how we've re-done our home.. Ya know, the really important things in life. 😄And Lord knows I'm nothing if not an open book and willing to share all the things. So this new chapter is very, exciting for all of us. 

This blog will stay mostly the same as it was: posts about beauty, lifestyle & weight loss but I'm excited to share more about my bariatric journey and all that it has entailed for me. And more than anything, I just want to create a space where you can feel encouraged no matter where you are in your life-- losing all the weight, stuck in your middle, have no weight to lose or maybe just want to hang with a chick with a serious love of easy, healthy recipes, all the bargains and all things beauty. These were all of the makings of this little corner of the internet since its beginning a few years ago and nothing is changing in that regard. 

So, thank you for following along and sticking with me through the months of silence. It was needed and just good for my soul to truly experience and process all the life that was changing for me and our little family in the moment. I truly believe that I've been so successful thus far because I allowed myself the time to truly dive into this new way of living and it's just such a blessing. However, a little over 8 months out from surgery and I'm feeling like I've got my sea legs back and with that, things to share and a story that needs to be heard. And I can't wait to have you all along for this new chapter.

Have a beautiful Monday, friends! 

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