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Aveda Birds of Paradise Review Part 1: Eyes

If you've been following my blog or know anything about me, you know that my hair is my crowning glory. Over the years I've changed the color slightly, minus the one time I finally bit the bullet and went a brilliant and beautiful brunette.. which I still loved. But everything about my hair has changed and gotten even better in the last seven years since I changed stylists and went exclusively to Aveda color. And I'll say, every cut, style, highlight, color and deep conditioning treatment has left me just so thrilled to have found my hair king.. AKA the owner of Evolve Hair Studio in McKinney and my beloved hair stylist, Evve. Note: you know you've found your person when you move 45 minutes away from his salon and you still make the trek. Y'all, I just can't quit him, the magic he does to my hair and how fun he makes our time together. Trust me, you need an Evve. But essentially, I switched to Aveda years ago and never looked back because I noticed such a change in the health of my hair. All of a sudden it was thicker, healthier, the color was more radiant and it's been love ever since!

Over the last seven years of using and loving Aveda's hair products-- their dry shampoo is my absolute favorite among others-- I'd been skeptical about their beauty products. I'd previously dabbled into their eye shadows and a few lipsticks but they've always left me wanting more--more pigmentation, more color pay off, and just more bang for my buck. The shadows blended okay, not wonderfully, but I could tell were always geared towards the woman who wants a natural, easy, more toned down face of makeup. And that was fine, but I had other products that I felt a little safer with, that I believed were easier to use and colors that blended really effortlessly and performed like a dream. And am I the only makeup loving girl who gets nervous and even slightly intimidated by natural products? I'm weird that way. But I'm constantly trying new makeup-testing it, playing with it, all the things, and I was pretty lukewarm for so many years. 

And then Evve gifted me Aveda's fall makeup collection, Birds of Paradise. The shadow colors are rich and gorgeous for Fall, I swatched the products on my hand upon leaving the salon and already had a few thoughts. But I took them home, played around for weeks, tried the products together as they are intended and mixed them in with my tried and true go-tos to see how they performed together. I traveled with them, practically tucked them in at night, you get the drift, I'm a true junkie for beauty products! But for the most part, I like to know everything about a product and how it wears and performs before I give an honest review.

For ease of reading, I decided I had SO much to say about each of these products that I needed to separate posts into a series: eyes, lips and face. Today, we're talking all about the eyes. 

Upon first swatch, I admit, I was leery. There wasn't much pigment, as you can see in the photos below, and I was a little nervous about heading out for the night with a face full of eye makeup that could have ruined my entire look. But you guys, the colors are beautiful on the eyes.. more blendable and rich in color than they were on the back of my hand or even on the brush when I first grabbed some color. I was a little surprised that so much color came on to my lid from the brush because they aren't the creamiest or rich in color on the brush. But, my goodness did they pack a punch! Please don't be like me and grab as much color on to your brush as possible at first, thinking that because they're a harder shadow and not creamy (hello, talc-free) that your brush isn't gathering any color.. because you will have a mess. Going in with a light hand and building from there is best. 

                    Swatched dry                            Swatched wet

Using these shadows dry does not do this swatch above on the left justice. I promise the brush grabs more color. But adding a little Mac Fix Plus on the brush and then going on to the lid creates a totally different ballgame and it's GORGEOUS. Check out the color pay off up there! The difference is stunning.

I will say, at first glance I was a little hesitant about Fjord- it's a deep plum and for the most part, I stick to a more natural bronze-y eye look on the daily,. However, applied in the outer corners and it was everything my basic eye look needed for a little Fall punch.. and used wet with a thin liner brush, and you have the most beautifully unexpected but not too crazy pop of color to line your eyes.

I ended up using all four of the colors over and over again and while they do take a little getting used to, much like most natural makeup products, they build up beautifully while giving such a beautiful color pay off. Not over the top or anything (I'll save my Lorac Pro Palette or Makeup Forever shadows for that) but I'm telling you, your eye makeup will be BEAUTIFUL and you will get so many compliments. Or maybe that's just what happens when you finally ditch your favorite neutral eye look for something a little more season-appropriate and add a little more rich color than usual. Purple on the eyes? Not usually my thing, I'll be honest. But with gold and mauve or just mauve on its own it's beautiful. And I actually loved them blended in with some of my favorite go-to Nars colors for a little warmer, more neutral pop of color. You guys.. again, the colors are truly stunning and actually so versatile and easy to add into your own eye makeup routine. I'm telling you what I've been saying to myself for so long: don't be hesitant about color! Used the right way, it's subtle and stunning.

And I really can't say this enough- these shadows are stunning. The colors are rich and they just feel and look like some of the more expensive eye shadows in my collection. And the best part? They're talc free and made from waxes of different flowers, which in my mind is so totally Aveda. How cool is that? While the rest of the beauty world is busy smelling and loving the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection, I'm over here smelling my Aveda eyeshadows that smell like real flowers. And I love that. 

Out of all of them, Saffron Glow is my favorite because of how much it makes my blue eyes pop. Golden bronze on a blue eye is the single most flattering eye look in my opinion and Aveda nailed it in getting the perfect golden tone- not too yellow, not too bronze. And perfect for my pale skin with pink undertones. Dab a little Glacial Lotus on the brow bone and you have literally the most naturally glowy but not too in your face highlight and the easiest makeup look ever. 


Here is how I created a look using all four of these beauties before a night on the town with my man. So pretty, right? And not in the least bit too colorful or crazy. Just different enough to where EVERYONE took notice and loved the look on me. And is it just me or did the gold and mauve make my blue eyes pop?

Overall, I'm completely impressed and surprised by how much I adore these shadows. They are thoughtfully and carefully curated and I know how much time went into choosing these colors and making them so exquisitely beautiful and just perfect for this time of year. And even more, I feel so good using products that use natural ingredients found in nature instead of a factory that still offers a beautiful wash of color. They are easy to blend and perfect to travel with-- these are all standard individual eye shadows which make for adding to a Z Palette a total breeze. And for the first time ever, I'm totally on board and obsessed with trying more Aveda beauty products to see what products they come out with in the future and discovering gems I might have overlooked from previous collections. 

Thanks for hanging today, friends! What new shadow color are you thinking about adding into your routine for Fall? Have you tried Aveda makeup? Am I totally behind the times? Let me know in the comments below. 😊

*The products mentioned in this post are c/o Aveda. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and there was no monetary compensation for this post.*

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