Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Trip Report: Breckenridge, Colorado

We recently returned from a wonderful, relaxing & so much fun vacation in beautiful, freeeeeeezing Breckinridge, Colorado! While there, I wanted to share my experiences of what a non-skier could possibly do in a ski town. Because, let's face it, this chick ain't flying down a mountain at rocket speed. 

While the rest of the world happily empties themselves on the side of the mountain to “shred some gnar”, I’m here to let you know that there is actual life (and so much fun) in a mountain town when you go sans-skis! That’s right. I’m one of the few who looks at a week in the mountains at a gorgeous condo as an excuse to over-fill my suitcase with 2 different kinds of boots, the cutest little boot socks I ever did see, 7 scarves, 5 hats, 2 pairs of gloves and a partridge in a pear tree. 

While I am too terrified of heights to bring myself to ski down a mountain with nothing between me and my death but 2 skis on ice, Ben was on the mountain snowboarding each day, my dad loved the cross country skiing and my mom couldn't read enough books by the fire. Meanwhile, I couldn't stop myself from heading out to Main Street in 3 different patterns of plaid and taking pictures of the beautiful mountains, the snow everywhere and without staring at my beautiful Juicy Couture Duck Boots as they walk through snow, ice and slush and imagining that they feel all too much at home in the mountains.
So if you’re like me and couldn’t be LESS interested in skiing or snow sports, take a page out of my book, do yourself a favor, and accessorize. Half the fun in winter-y trips is coordinating scarves, puffy vests and hats.. and I can tell you I was enjoying it far too much.

Head down to downtown to shop and have a delicious lunch with your people and mosey in and out of little stores as you breathe in the crisp, poorly oxygenated air. Note to self: pack Rolaids next time. And Excedrin. And maybe don’t drink the Breck Mule on your first night when you’re already gasping like a hooked tuna.

Head out to dinner with friends at a fun, delicious little local joint! We had too much fun walking through town looking at the menus for all the most popular restaurants on Main Street and every meal we ate (minus one) were both a) on plan! And b) AMAZING. We absolutely adored the Breckenridge Brew Pub. Delicious meal, great drinks, even better company. The place was hoppin' and the food was incredible.

Catch up on some light reading.. I can never go wrong with Jane Green. Home girl just gets me.

Meet up with your ski loving people at the top of the mountain for lunch and some serious people watching and maybe take that gondola around and around 3 or 4 times because it just couldn’t be more gorgeous or peaceful. It’ll end up being a lot more fun when you make the trips with your mom who looks as it as a free amusement park ride. Note that.

 Truth: This was probably her favorite afternoon. Until we had to share it with an actual skier. Who actually needed it to get to the top of the mountain. 

This guy was SO happy to be in his happy place: scaling down that mountain on his snowboard. And I was that wife who stood at the bottom taking videos of him coming down said mountain. My jeans and I looked incredibly out of place but it was so wonderful to see my hubby so happy. You can take the boy outta Colorado but you can't take the Colorado out of the boy. 

That chilly mountain air, hats, scarves, duck boots... paradise. 

For cardio, enjoy that walk back to the condo up the largest hill known to mankind 39393939393 feet above sea level every time you head out or come home. #thatlldopig #thatlldo

Make trips to the store in the snow to get all the fixins for a healthy, delicious, homemade cozy dinner at the condo by the fire! We so enjoy cooking together. And the eating. Ohhhh, the eating! It was hard to feel like I was depriving myself when we ate tons of fresh veggies, lean meat and truly getting down to the heart of simple, clean, low-carb eating. I made a point of it to order salads each day at lunch in lieu of typical mountain fare: burgers, fresh cut fries, carbs, carbs, carbs. And I felt SO much better because of it. 

Dinner time and the eatin' was goooood

Take a day trip to Vail for the sheer fact that your best friend, Ree Drummond, posted about the best lunch she’s ever had the week before! Celebrity stalking at its finest. But really, if the Pioneer Woman was there within the same week and said it was life changing, it had to be worth the trip. And it SO was.

We spent the day strolling through the little shops and took a ton of pictures of the beautiful views. And then.. there was lunch. 

Up there with one of the best lunches of my life. #mybestiewasright 

Y'all. This salad was everything. I ordered the grilled chicken salad & it was topped with grilled chicken, butternut squash, Honeycrisp apple, miso brown butter and granola on a bed of arugula. 

And the best crispy shrimp and calamari of my life. With a sweet chili sauce. 
#couldalickedtheplate #notlowcarb #sorrynotsorry

Happy hour? You betcha. Hearthstone had the most wonderful little happy hour in town with the most breathtaking view of the mountains from our second floor table. The floor to ceiling windows had a glorious mountain view and the place filled up lightening fast. We enjoyed it so much that round 2 even happened! 

Travel tip: get there right at 4 p.m. when happy hour starts and thank me later. 

These two put the happy in happy hour. Little bites and yummy drinks? They're all about it. 

And walking through town to get there was refreshing and gorgeous. 

Cutest little yellow chapel. 

Spend time with the love of your life and your favorite travel companion and head on a little day trip to Buena Vista, CO. The drive was absolutely breathtaking. 

Not a bad view, am I right?

Once you're back in Breck, make sure you stop in for dinner at The Canteen. Oh my word, the salmon with the hoisin glaze was too. die. for. Ben and I loved taking time away to just be together and soak up every bit of our little week away. 

Any little restaurant with string lights outside and a delicious meal?! Yes. 
Without a doubt one of the best meals of our trip. 
And it was so packed that I think everyone in that town would agree. 

And most importantly, spend ample amounts of time getting all kinds of cozy in the comfiest sweater to ever exist and sit in front of that fire chatting, laughing, watching movies and relaxing with your favorite people and just love. Your. Life. 

That's it for this trip. I hope to do more of these posts in the future as half the fun in going on a trip is seeing the places and things that other travelers love so much about where you're going and things to definitely not miss out on. With some exciting trips booked in these next few months, I'm excited to share more trip reports with y'all soon! 

Happy Tuesday, friends! Any places you've been and loved? I'd love to hear about them. 

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