Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, my loves! Today I'm super excited to team up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share our Friday Favorites! 


This cardigan. I just can.not. I nabbed it a while back during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I have been singing its praises ever since! I first read about it on Sheaffers blog and after about the 100th mention of how soft and cozy it is, I ordered it. It was love at first sight, I can't even tell y'all how cozy and soft it is. 
I came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning early Sunday morning and wrapped myself in this and leggings and was the comfiest, coziest little sick girl in north Texas. I promise. It's like wearing a blanket. And who doesn't wanna wear a cute blanket? It comes in a variety of colors but blue is kinda my thang. It's great for lounging around but it's thick and long (and I think cute) enough to leave the house in and is long enough to cover up your hiney with leggings. 
I LOVE it. 


One of my most favorite Christmas presents were the beautiful Erin Condren notepads and notebook for my blog that my brother in-law and sister in-law gave me. They are perfect for blog planning and jotting down little blurbs for the blog and I just love that they're personalized. 
I mean, so cute, right? 

Going into 2016, I didn't have a planner picked out but saw this one and picked out some of my favorite shots and memories of the last year or two and now I have the most special, personalized planner for the next year! 

It came on Wednesday, which was perfect timing! That afternoon I was offered a new position at my current job within the same department. I am over the moon excited and I know that so many fun, exciting things will fill up this little planner over the next year and that it will definitely come in handy in keeping me organized. 

So yay for new, pretty planners and new jobs! Wednesday was a good day. 


Big changes are coming to our dining room in the next few months and we spent last Saturday with our designer dreaming and scheming up the most beautiful little plan. I am SO excited and it was so fun to look at all of the fabric options, wood stains, curtain fabrics, curtain rods.. you name it, we looked at it and there's nothing I love more than that sorta thing. 

We've had our dining room furniture since we got married in 2012. We found it used and it was perfect for our cute little home in Colorado. Flash forward to our new house and with the high ceilings, it looks like doll furniture. We've wrestled with the option of refinishing it but the fact is, it doesn't fit with the current space. I love it still and we will be selling it to who I hope will be another happy couple needing some great quality starter furniture for a smaller space. I love that dining set and it was good to us, but we are so excited to see how our new dining room design will fit in better with the current space! 

In other news, I spent all of Saturday wishing I went to design school. Ha! I was reminded of designing and dreaming up our dream wedding we planned and remembered how fun that was to look at all of the paper, the flowers, decor, chairs, linens, everything. I just loved it all. 

Regardless, we're excited and I can't wait to do a blog post with the finished product when it's all done. It's going to be beautiful.


Since coming back home from Colorado over Christmas, I have been listening to Red Rocks Worship on repeat. I can't get enough of the songs and their latest album Into the Light is nothing short of beautiful. We listened to it in the car to and from Oklahoma a few weeks ago when we went on a little road trip and I love that there's a mix of everything in all seven songs. 

My in-laws are members of Red Rocks Church in Golden and every time we visit, we go to Sunday service where Nicole Serrano sings on the worship team. And every time I hear her, she just transcends me. She kind of sounds like Colbie Caillat and.. all I can say is wow. Her voice is beautiful and the songs on this album are sung by all of their worship leaders who are all incredible. It's just refreshing and I'm always looking for some new worship music to listen to, especially in the car or on my lunch if my day is crazy. Nothing reminds me of His grace and love like listening to love songs to my Jesus. 
Download it on iTunes if you're looking for something new to fall in love with! 


This is easily the best Micellar Water I've ever tried. And y'all, it's crazy cheap at the drug store. There are few things I love more than finding a new gem at the drug store! I've gone ahead and tried nearly all of the other Micellar Waters before this beauty for you (you're welcome) and it even beat out my old favorite- this one- annnnnnd, it's nearly 3 times less expensive! 

I thought nothing would ever, ever compare to my Caudalie Micellar Water but after putting this one to the test, it takes off my makeup like no other cleansing water ever has. I am used to a slightly sticky residue left on my skin that I always hate and I'm also used to these cleansing waters not taking off all of my eye makeup. 

As a matter of fact, when using this one in the bathroom one night before bed, my deliriously sleepy husband even noticed how well it took off my eye makeup. It just leaves the skin feeling so refreshed and super clean, but not so clean that it feels stripped. 

I was skeptical with the price tag that it would perform as well as my more expensive favorites, but this one is now top shelf, my must use every day go-to. I enjoy using it with an exfoliating cotton round all over my face and when taking off my eye makeup, I soak a cotton round and put it over my eyes and press down on the round with my palms and leave it there for 10 or 15 seconds to really get off the day's eye makeup. 
You should definitely try this one soon! 


These two. Easily my most favorite of this week's Friday Favorites. Because after a long day at work, who DOESN'T want to be smothered in puppy kisses? 
They love each other. And they are my whole world. 

That wraps up my first Friday Favorites! Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


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