Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Home Tour

Fa la la la la la la la it's my favorite time of year! I don't know about you, but nothing gets me as excited as when it's time to head up to the attic to take down all of our favorite Christmas decorations. Which, this year, happened to be the week of Thanksgiving! You can never start too early. #sorrynotsorry 

Each year, we get a few new items to add to our little Christmas collection and there's nothing I love more than a good ol' fashioned Holiday Bazaar to get unique, handmade items to have around the house that you just can't pick up at your local Pottery Barn or HomeGoods. From ornaments to sparkly everything, I just love it all.

I love seeing blog posts from my favorite bloggers showing their Christmas decorations. And there's nothing I like more than getting ideas and seeing other people's favorite holiday decor. So, to kick off the first Bluebonnets & Bacon Christmas, welcome to our home during the hap-happiest season of all! Kick your shoes off, enjoy a glass of eggnog and come on in. We're so glad you're here. 

This garland just makes my heart happy! It's such a mess to put up every year, but even Ben will say that he loves the finished product when it's all said and done.

Our mantle changes from year to year with different items we add to our collection of Christmas and just overall placement of items that we have, but I'm really feeling this year's set up. Trees, Father Christmas, a snowman hand painted on a gourd.. just perfect!

And gold, silver and sparkly because.. do you know me?

I'm a huge fan of stockings. Don't ask me why. I still hang the same one I've had since I was born on my parent's mantle and being the huge fan of tradition that I am, I insisted on keeping it there. I hate change, what can I say. So, that meant Ben and I had to get stockings that we loved for our first Christmas together. I love these and am not ashamed to say that we found them at Cracker Barrel of all places! Ha! We get a ton of compliments on them every year and they fit in perfectly on our mantle in the new house. 

And.. red and gold sparkly.. because, again, this is me you're talking about..

I decorate our chest-turned-coffee table each season and if you look in any direction in our home at Christmas, you'll find one thing: dishes with ornaments in them. Everywhere. I just can't stop myself. 

We have this guy on the wall by the door to the garage and I love it. He is the reason for the season and it's the perfect reminder to get me in the Christmas spirit every day when I'm coming or going.

Our island gets a little Christmas crazy and I added the poinsettias this year and I love it. I can't see your face if I'm by the sink and you're sitting at the island in front of me, but I love it. Ha. #fortheloveofchristmas

Again, ornaments. Everywhere. But this little Santa painted on a log is my new FAVORITE. He has a snowman friend on the other side of the island and we purchased them both when we were at our family's lakehouse in Virginia back in October at a church holiday bazaar. I may or may not have bought 2 other logs for Fall painted as pumpkins. And I also may or may not have stashed them in my dad's luggage on the way home. He, then, may or may not have gotten stopped by TSA for carrying these painted "weapons" on board an airplane. #worthit

I'm obsessed with them. The old lady who we bought them from went to Europe over Christmas one year and noticed them all over the nightly Christmas markets. So, she came home and decided to try it out and let me tell ya, they were selling like hot cakes! I hope every southern Virginian has their homes stocked with these painted logs because it's just the most perfect idea. If I were at all crafty, I would most assuredly steal the idea. But, I'm not. And I cant.

 Between the kitchen and the living room is this cute little Christmas-y nook. And my sweet little Daisy doing what she does best: photobombing.

This little sleigh is what we put our Christmas cards in. My mom does the same thing with a cute sleigh that she's had forever and what can I say? Old traditions die hard. Or don't die at all in my case.. 

This is one of my favorite new additions to this year's collection. We've been looking the last few years for a countdown to Christmas/Advent and we fell in love with this little Christmas cottage. Looks so cozy and reminds me of our first little rental home in Colorado and the excitement of our first Christmas as a married couple. And the memories in that sweet little house. All things to love. 

Our dining room table is another that changes from year to year. Silver and red got the nod this year and I just re-used placemats that I usually put in the kitchen. I'm all about shopping in my own little store and putting things in different places around the house. Don't be afraid to change it up!

Plaid and reindeer plaid? Check and check! The dollar section at Target was a GEM for giving me these dish towels.

I keep it simple at our kitchen table every year. And I love it that way.

This little winter elf family makes me so insanely happy it's ridiculous. Again, we found this at a local holiday bazaar and saw them and instantly fell in love. To our surprise, the vendor had us pick out our own little elves to make our own little family, added eyelashes and said she'd add names to the bottom of the reclaimed wood if we wanted her to. It was love at first sight with this little elf family, gotta tell ya.. 

The first Christmas we were married my parents gifted us these nutcrackers that are pretty much the perfect depiction of us as a couple of nutcrackers: a hunter and a shopper! Love them.

We have so many people asking about our tree. Because it's magical. With the press of a button, it goes from colored lights to white, which is perfect if you know Ben and I at all. He's Team Color Lights and I've always been on Team White Lights. Anyways, it's 9 feet of amazing and we love it so much. 

But what we love the most about it are the memories that are on the tree. My parents have always given my brother and I a special ornament every Christmas since we were born of things that happened that year. So, when we were married, our first tree had 26 years of special memories and moments in lieu of the pretty, typical ball ornaments of most trees. Ours isn't glamorous by any means but it's special. And putting on our ornaments each year is a sentimental trip down memory lane for both of us as Ben also has a collection of  special ornaments his parents gave him throughout his life. We always get an ornament for trips we take and special vacations each year or special things that have happened during the year and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Our anniversary this year in Florida..

My birthday trip to Seattle with some of our best friends

One of the stops on the European cruise we took for our honeymoon

And my most favorite nativity that we put under our tree. Ben grew up with this nativity under his tree. Knowing that it's a piece of my favorite person's childhood Christmas memories and that it will be in all of our family's precious Christmas memories to come is just so special to us both.

Coming out of our bedroom and going down the hallway is my most favorite walk of the day with this view..

But my most favorite thing of all is who I get to spend all my Christmases with. I'm the luckiest wife in the world to call this guy mine. 

Thanks for stopping by our home at Christmastime! 

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