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October Beauty Favorites

There are quite a few products I added to my makeup bag, tried and LOVED in the month of October. As we transition to the colder months in the state of Texas, my makeup also tends to change- warmer eye colors, deeper lip colors, and rich blush shades on my cheeks. And a scarf. Because that's just how I roll. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a product junkie and I love to share my love for the things I love.. with all of you! This month, there are a few higher end products mixed in with a few lower end items. My makeup bag and top drawer do not discriminate! I have makeup of all price ranges which I consider to be "holy grail" and in my top drawer (best of the best) you'd find a Chanel lipstick sitting pretty next to a $1.99 Wet n' Wild matte lipstick. Because sometimes, price doesn't have anything to do with how great a product performs. Let's jump right in to my favorites for the month of October. 

1) Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Moonlight and Sandglow
Over the last 8 or 9 months, I have been really into trying any eye shadow stick I can get my hands on and Laura Mericer products have honestly never let me down. Out of all of the shadow sticks I have tried, I love these the most. They are so easy to apply and blend so well & are literally fool proof at 6am in the morning-- when I want to look good for my workday but don't necessarily want to get out an eye shadow palette and apply and blend 3 different colors #aintnobodygottimeforthat! Anyway, there are so many pretty shades in this line and they truly last all day and will NOT budge. I always pair my shadows with a primer and this one is my favorite. I tend to have oily lids and I have never been disappointed.. and each shade I've tried, I've loved more than the last. These 2 colors have been on repeat all month long and I'm excited to try some new colors in the winter months when I want easy, beautiful, fool-proof makeup. Try them soon, you will love them! 

2) Sonia Kashuk Grand Bazaar Color Palette- blushes I adore Sonia Kashuk products- her makeup brushes are the best for the money and I honestly haven't been disappointed in any product I've ever picked up from her line. While I adore this entire palette (and the packaging.. Hello, Plaid and Fall and adorable!) I love the blushes the most. When I'm feeling fancy, I'll swipe some of the shadow colors in the crease over my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick but these blushes have been my go-to this month. Both of them are creamy and blendable and add a gorgeous color to my cheekbones. I love the lighter shade for everyday and sometimes add the darker shade on top to create my own color. They have a coverage that is buildable and they go on like a dream. I found that they really do last the entire day but if I'm going out after work, I will add a bit more to transition my makeup to an evening look. This palette is also AMAZING for traveling, too- I loved it so much that I brought it with me to my family's lake house for an entire week and I used and loved it every single day. (I feel like you know you love a product when it makes its way into the travel makeup bag). For all you Sonia Kashuk newbies, her products are available at Target and each item from the Grand Bazaar line is limited edition so pick yours up soon if you're in the market for a great eye shadow and blush palette. 

3) Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo This stuff is out of this world, absolutely life changing and hands down the BEST dry shampoo I've ever tried. Ever. And that claim alone is insane because I love me a dry shampoo. I hate washing my hair every day because it's so unhealthy for your hair, but since I'm a blonde, it's really, really hard not to wash it every day without it looking grimey and feeling gross. But even when my hair is clean, I like the texturizing aspect that dry shampoo gives. I read about this in a magazine back in September while we were in Austin for a quick little getaway and knew I had to pick it up immediately. The stuff actually absorbs dirt, oil and sweat and smells incredible all day long. I've never seen a dry shampoo that actually cleans your hair without leaving a yucky residue- but this one is perfect and gives incredible volume when brushing out. Since falling in love with it, I've already run out to purchase a second bottle for fear of waking up without it one morning! I reach for it a few times a week and can actually wear my hair down after using it.. which has never happened before with any dry shampoo. My hair looks and feels so clean and honestly looks no different from a day where I wash and style my hair. I've tried so many dry shampoos- both high end and low end and before this one, I was fairly certain that this one was forever going to be my favorite. (And still, for $7.99 and oftentimes even cheaper than that if you can catch it on sale, it's a great option), I now will never ever be without my Living Proof Dry Shampoo. Nobody's paying me to say anything about this, I just love it that much! Run, don't walk to your nearest Ulta or Sephora! I'm obsessed and you will be too. 

4) Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer- Brightener This has been under my eyes on repeat since the beginning of time and since this is my first monthly favorites post, just please know that this is like top shelf, forever my favorite and there is nothing, literally nothing, that compares to it that I've found. And that includes this little gem with a hefty, hefty price tag. It is the perfect shade for my undereyes and I love how it blends in when I use my BeautyBlender. And yes, I'm also obsessed with that thing! It's essential. In any case, I love the way it feels under my eyes- not too thick, just creamy enough and gives the area under my eyes a little radiance when I need it the most. Never cakey, just a beautiful illuminating effect. 

5) Soap & Glory Rich & Foamous Body Wash I picked this up a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. It smells.. like cake. And who doesn't want to smell delicious out of the shower? I love all Soap & Glory products and this one is no different. It has a luxurious, pampering feeling when you apply it and I don't know, I just love the smell and the creaminess of this stuff! It's so rich and easy to lather, as well. As rich and creamy as it is, a huge bonus for me is that it doesn't have that heavy, gunky feeling or leave an oily residue. It's perfect for the colder months and I just really love it. I'm anxious to get my hands on their other shower and bath products from Soap & Glory because this one was a definite favorite of the month and I reached for it constantly. And, bonus! A little goes a long way. I've used it for several weeks now and still have a ton left to use. 

6) Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in All Day Seduction I accidentally picked this up at Walgreens while picking up medicine and a whole bunch of cold and flu stuff for my husband back in September.. because we all know that if you're waiting on a prescription or just there to pick up one thing, you've gotta look through the cosmetic aisles. Am I right? Anyway, I was instantly drawn to the golden-pink color and I've found that it adds just enough of a pop to my every day makeup to make me feel really put together and pretty. I talk all day long at my job and I constantly put lip glosses and lipsticks to the test and while this one is just a gloss so it does NOT last all day or anything crazy, it does feel really comfortable on the lips and doesn't have an overwhelming scent. It also doesn't dry my lips out which is HUGE to me, especially this time of year. This shade is also perfect for evening since it's a little more of a bright pop of color but also totally appropriate for the office and not in-your-face obnoxious. I've loved this gloss this month and am eager to try more Rimmel glosses now. I've heard lots of amazing things about this line of lip glosses and word on the street is they are available at Target. 

7) Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil in Taupe A few months ago, a little birdie, AKA my sweet friend Heather, recommended this little gem for my ever-so-nonexistant blonde eyebrows and I've spent the last few months truly putting this guy to the test. Survey says: I love it. The taupe shade is perfect for my light, invisible, brows and the spooly on the end is probably my favorite spooly I've ever used. Not that that's any reason to buy it, but that along with the fact that it stays put all day and that the tip is so super fine that it blends in to make a natural, blended brow look, means that you have got to try this stuff! I've tried many different brands but this is my current favorite. I love a lot of Tarte products- not just because they're cruelty and paraben free- although I love that too- but because I feel like I'm getting some bang for my buck with really quality products that actually work.

What are your current favorites? Let me know in the comments below. I'm excited for this month to truly put some new stuff to the test and to make this a  monthly thing on BB&B! 

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  1. Oooot Ohhhhhh little birdie loves them all! And I swears I'm heading out to Ulta for the Living Proof dry shampoo ASAP for fear that our friendship might end if I do not take the strongest piece of advice you've ever given me and BUY THIS NOW!!


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